Bienvenue to La Cachette

What does La Cachette mean?

It means ‘the hiding place’.

A little oasis to hide from the world for some much deserved, guilt-free, ‘me time’.

Who is La Cachette?

Caroline Crochet, proprietor & Certified Esthetician, is the face of La Cachette. A Los Angeles native with a French background, Caroline brings a little bit of that je ne sais quoi in the treatment room. Her love of esthetics stems from having spent her summers in Paris as young girl, watching her grandmother, Yvonne, indulge in her daily skincare routine. Caroline remembers her grandmother saying ‘self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity’. With a cheeky smile, she also said to ‘never leave the house without a little bit of lipstick and mascara…you never know who you’ll run into’. It’s so French.


Fast forward a few years and a move that brought her to Vancouver, Caroline merged her love of skincare with her nursing background and enrolled in an esthetics program. She found that her education in chemistry, nutrition, physiology and anatomy from her days as a nurse gave her the upper hand in understanding how the skin and cosmetic ingredients work. Caroline graduated top of her class from the Professional Esthetics Program at Blanche Macdonald Centre in April 2011.


In May 2016, she completed a 2-year Masters Society program, making her one of the first in Canada to become a G.M.Collin Dermaceutical Master Esthetician.


In May 2018, Caroline was invited back to Blanche Macdonald Centre to teach in the Professional Esthetics Program, hoping to bring awareness to and raise the standard in the esthetics industry by inspiring, motivating and empowering future estheticians.


A student for life, Caroline continues to stay on top of the skincare industry by taking continuing education courses and attending workshops, seminars and industry tradeshows regularly.

What is the most requested service at La Cachette?

Our #1 most requested service is the hard wax brazilian. Caroline is known as Richmond’s go-to specialist for brazilian waxing. She’s quick, thorough and her technique makes for an almost painless experience.