Wax Services

So, what sets us apart from other wax bars?


First and foremost, we practice universal precautions and infection control for all of our services.

  • New sheets and towels are used for each client.
  • Hands are washed with anti-bacterial soap before and after each service.
  • New gloves are used for every service.
  • Single use spatulas are used with each application. We absolutely DO NOT double dip.
  • All surfaces and implements are cleaned between clients using a high-level medical grade disinfectant.

Secondly, continuing education is an absolute must.

  • Staying up to date on the latest ingredients for pre-wax products, post-wax products and the wax itself. There is a lot of research done in our time off.
  • How to work with the body’s natural inflammatory responses and how to minimize reactivity and sensitivity by having a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the hair and body
  • And of course, practice, practice, practice. Always learning from the best in the industry to make sure we can provide for an efficient, yet thorough, and almost painless experience.


What is so special about our wax?


We use two types of waxes: 

  • Hard wax is used on the face, underams, bikini and brazilian areas.
  • Soft wax is used on the arms, chest, stomach, back and legs.

Both are premium quality European waxes and are formulated with neurosensory actives, minimizing irritation and making it a great option for highly sensitive skins. Free of pine rosins, perfumes, colouring agents and preservatives.