Female Anatomy Waxing

We DO NOT double dip.

We practice universal precautions and infection control for all services.

A high quality European hard wax is used on the face, underarms, bikini and brazilian. It is formulated with neurosensory actives, minimizing irritation and making it a great option for highly sensitive skins. Free of pine rosins, perfumes, colouring agents and preservatives. 

Soft wax is used on the arms, chest, stomach, back and legs.


Brow Design


Upper Lip / Chin / Nostrils / Ears / Fingers / Toes
$10 for each service


Full Face (excluding brows)




Half Arms


Full arms


Chest & Stomach


Back & Shoulders


Bikini (Female anatomy)


Brazilian – New / Casual Client (Female anatomy)


Brazilian – 4-6 week maintenance (Female anatomy)


Lower Legs


Upper Legs


Full Legs